Serendipity my friend

February 15, 2011 6:19 pm

Television! Teacher, mother, secret lover…

Do you remember the Simpsons Halloween Shinnin’ episode? Sometimes, I am just so captivated by what I can find on the tube, it makes me want to jump up and down with glee. I make excuses for watching bad TV (like, it’s part of my French culture education, or I need to improve my language comprehension so it’s helpful to do that with a predictable plot line, etc.) But, to be honest, I’m not above it. Sometimes it’s just plain fun. With the plethora of international channels (the majority of which I don’t watch or understand) on offer from our internet/ cable provider, I found NHK World in English.

I do watch the news every once in a while. However, I faithfully watch Your Japanese Kitchen and Tokyo Fashion Express every week. Tokyo Fashion Express can be hit or miss. I’m a bit of a fashion nitwit, so I really just watch it for the interviews and peak into the Japanese design and production industry. They have had some really interesting interviews with designers Kazuo Kawasaki, Gwenael Nicolas and flower artist Makoto Azuma.

Whereas I can wait until the end of the week to watch¬†Tokyo Fashion Express, by Tuesday, I have to get my home chef itch scratched. Your Japanese Kitchen is not really much different than most other cooking and food n’ travel shows. However, the “housewife chef” host, Harumi Kurihara, is so cute, you just want to take her home and glean as much out of her as you can. The NHK World website has an archive of the recipes from the past four years. Not the same as seeing the show, of course, but a great reference nonetheless. Getting some of the ingredients can be tricky in certain parts of the world but with a little imagination, substitutions and altering will still come up with some yummy goods. They’re in London this month so I am really excited to see what they will come up with because they’re using all locally bought ingredients (closer to what I have to work with). If you are game, try looking up the program guide and tune into NHK with online streaming.¬†